And I Thought It Was Just A Normal Day?

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I woke up this morning and was convinced it was just another Friday.  I woke up the kids, sent them to school and sat down to drink my coffee before starting my very normal crazy work day. As I flipped through the TV I learned it was a double holiday.  I had NO idea I was missing out on another one of these made up useless holidays, much less a two for one.  This one is even more confusing than the made up Hallmark Holiday of Valentines Day is to men.

Today is National PI Day and International Sleep Day.  Now you did read correctly – I said National Pi Day,  I could understand National Pie Day or even National Hug an Engineer Day, but PI.  How is one supposed to celebrate a number- Much less a non whole number?  How exactly do you celebrate 3.14159?  Do we sing “Jenny- I’ve got your number” and change the lyrics to 3.14159, do we eat 3.14159 percent of a pie, do we just get the calculator out and just do random math problems??  I am so confused!!  

Adding in International Sleep Day to this made up holiday does help me make sense of this- a little.  I understand sleep and especially the fact I never get enough.  I KNOW how to celebrate sleep!! It consists of curling up in sweats, crawling in my bed, closing my eyes, and yelling to the kids “I SAID BE QUITE-  I AM TRYING TO TAKE A NAP” a hundred times. I understand how to celebrate sleep, but my little darling parasites seem to have been confused on mommy sleep celebrations since before coming out of the womb.

I have decided the best thing we can do when the world throws us ridiculous holidays is to roll with it now.  Especially when they make it two-fer.  I am going to get in my sweats, crawl in my bed with the calculator, do some random math, and take a 3.14159 day nap.  See ya St Paddy’s Day while I pick a four leaf clover and drink green beer!!