Lent comes at the perfect time of year

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I just realized Lent comes at the perfect time of year! 

Everyone knows and understands that wonderful time of year when we pop champagne, stay up too late, light fireworks, wear funny hats, sing Auld Lang Syne, and kiss our beloved (or at least who’s standing there).  New Years Eve is that drunk time we all have those brilliant idea’s of starting fresh or starting over. The next morning we call those New Year Resolutions – gym memberships increase, hungover people around the world swear they’ll never drink again, green vegetables fly off the shelf’s, and new savings accounts are established.  Now on there face values these lofty goals are considered healthy.  They could even be considered luxuries of the self indulgent.  What typically happens, however; is we fall short of any semblance of achieving them within 2 months. We then spend the next 10 months looking at ourselves in the mirror with that disappointed look that your preacher gave you when you accidentally stole the $20 out of the collection plate.

If we had ever had any hope of doing those dazzling resolutions in the first place- we wouldn’t of needed to be drunk to imagine we could pull them off.

Now this year I formulated the perfect plan to avoid the 10 months of personal discouragement.  About the time the resolutions are starting to feel like you have taken on a Herculean task- and you ain’t Hercules- It’s Mardi Gras!!  If you think about it Mardi Gras is a lot like a several week loooong New Years Eve culminating with Fat Tuesday.  We drink too much,  wear funny hats and masks, have parades, fireworks, show our tits for beads, and in general carouse as if it’s the world is gonna end.  The festivities are only over when it’s time for us to behave again because it’s Lent.  

Now the beginning of Lent, or Ash Wednesday, is a lot like New Year Day with one very important difference. Hangover’s abound, but now we must learn to suffer in order to be prepared for Easter.  We are supposed to give up certain types of luxuries as a form of penitence.  Now many choose to fast, give up candy, soda’s, or booze.  Y’all can do as you please, but I’ve decided I’m gonna give up all those self indulgent luxuries called New Year’s Resolutions I made two months ago.  It’s my form of penitence.

I think it’ll work for me.  Not cooking is similar to fasting, not eating healthy is similar to not eating candy, not drinking water is similar to not drinking soda, and going back to wine from whisky is technically giving up booze! 

Hey- if nothing else- I’ll wink at myself every morning 🙂




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