It’s a whole lot harder to shine!!

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I’m becoming an old Southern woman and I have a ton of favorite sayings that now reverberate in my head , and some are becoming reality!!   One of them is “This too shall pass- it may feel like a kidney stone, but it will pass” another is from the great Southern woman movie Steal Magnolias “I don’t know why- I’m an old Southern woman and I’m supposed to wear funny cloths, ugly hats and dig in the dirt – I don’t make the rules” but my favorite of all time and the one I try to live by and is by far the hardest is “It’s a whole lot harder to shine, than undermine”

I will admit during this Covid 19 quarantine “living to shine” has become more and more difficult!

We are all stuck in our homes with our family (if you have one or like them), 24 hour news, our Facebook feeds, Instagram, snap chat or whichever social media you choose.  It’s easy to react to things you read and disagree.   It’s always easy to react instead of scroll right over when your bored.

I have great friends on both extreme sides of the isle!  You know what I have learned and understand is that ALL of you are just tying to decide how to help.  Do we order take out from our favorite restaurants?  Do we give to charities? Do we order from local businesses and not Amazon? What do we do and how do affect the world today?  Sitting on our couch working or binge watching Netflix can’t be the right answer……

There has to be someone to blame- it must be someone’s fault!  Guess what- there isn’t!!  There is no way to undermine a virus! 

There are the times I wish I wasn’t a history nut!! This is not the first bug that flies through the human race and sadly it won’t be the last.  Quite frankly, we’re lucky it’s not more deadly than it is.  Viruses and bacteria don’t care about politics – they do their thing and try to survive just like every other living thing, including humans. Viruses aren’t Republicans, Democrats, Communists, Fascists, or Socialists!!  They are a germ pure and simple. 

There is nothing political about a Virus!  It doesn’t care about your ethnicity, your religion, your culture, or your age (other than your immune system and can it replicate and at what rate).   They just want to replicate (think of it as a 17 year old boy with more hormones than brains) – that’s a virus or bacteria

Trust me I understand we’re bored!!  I understand we’re isolated, sad and bored and in many other instances extremely financial stained.

I get it, but at some point we just have to look at the reality and do what we can to keep people safe.  We all have our own gifts and strengths to use where we can.

Trust me I get the strain.  It may not seem like much, but I miss things too…….

It took me years and old age to understand that the gift God gave me was to be an empath and I know that some days the greatest gifts I give to the human race are telling the lady who looks down “those are GREAT shoes” or “your hair looks amazing” or “great outfit” or the guy who looks lost in the store “what are you looking for- let me help” or the person that I don’t know who just needs to talk telling me their life story. (trust me it happens all the time at random)

I miss human interaction!!  I miss handshakes and eye contact in order to see who people are at their core, I miss hugging people (that aren’t my family) I care about and love, I miss brightening peoples days with compliments!  In a nutshell- I miss Shining in my own little way that makes me feel happy and I’m sure you miss yours also!! 

So today, after two weeks, I wore ugly cloths and played in the dirt, hugged my family I could, and remembered this too shall pass- even if it feels like a kidney stone!!

I will have to opportunity to shine again after the danger passes!!














One thought on “It’s a whole lot harder to shine!!

    Jim Hoover said:
    March 29, 2020 at 7:05 am

    Great read kiddo!

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