Banana’s in Pajama’s

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This morning was a typical Saturday morning.  I woke up, made coffee, got a cup, turned the TV on and sat down to have a few seconds of peace.  As usual these brief seconds of peace were quickly interrupted by-  husband stumbling out with barking dog in tow, pet bird in cage singing loudly, boy teenagers saying I’m hungry, my daughter asking why the sky is blue and 15 other philosophical questions it’s too early for, and the doorbell ringing with 3 other neighborhood children asking if someone can come out and play. This insanity seems to be my life.  My favorite part is when the husband looks at me confused (as if it’s not every Saturday) and says “This place is banana’s?”   Being the smart ass I am I always come back with my wonderful singing rendition of the old children’s show theme song of “Banana’s in Pajama’s are coming down the stairs….”

This morning it hit me for the first time.  I had forgotten most of the words!! This hit me like a ton of bricks. My parasites are growing up.  I spent so many years watching Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, and PBS that I had every theme song memorized.  There were many nights that we put the kids down at 9 and at 10 pm the hubby and I would look at each other lovingly and say “Why are we still watching Wizards of Waverly Place?” I like Selena Gomez and all, but sometimes adult TV is just in order. 

Now this morning when I had this epiphany – I decided to see how many of these wonderful catchy theme songs I could remember.  I got in the shower and tried to remember Caillou.  With my oldest I was forced to endure Caillou for a minimum of 3 hours a day for a minimum of 2 years.  I knew every word and sang along lovingly for years.  I could only remember the first stanza. So I sang “I’m just a kid who’s four, Each day I grow some more” and then it hit me again- nothing.  I went to get dressed and tried to sing Bob the Builder and then Thomas the Train and again nothing.  What had happened to me??

I can still remember every word to the Big Mac song and most every jingle that was ever written in the 80’s so why couldn’t I remember these precious memories from the parasites childhood??  Had it really been that long?  Is my brain so full of useless knowledge that I can only remember my childhood useless knowledge and not theirs?  Will I soon forget how they looked or the cute and funny things they said? Now I am reeling from this strange realization and my eyes begin to fill with tears. I am devastated thinking how could any mother forget such things. I must be a failure.

About the time I am about to lose it and sit and have a good cry the insanity begins again. Suddenly I am bombarded with questions, accusations, and innuendos.  Mom- what do we have to eat?  Mom- I don’t have any clean socks. Mom- Where did you hide my hoodie? Honey, where is the coffee?  Mom- Johnny hit me in the balls. Mom- Are you almost done? Mom, Honey, mom, honey question question question!!  

Then it hits me – I haven’t forgotten their childhoods.  I can’t remember the theme songs because I just don’t have room in my brain anymore from trying to keep up with where they are supposed to be,  where they have hidden their cloths from themselves, finding the food they can’t find that is on the refrigerator door and so on. 

About this time I started to sing the circus theme song with all the do do doodle do…  etc.  I still got that one down perfect!!





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